Purpose and Scope

The goal of Seattle’s Informal Microbiome Research (SIMR) Seminars is to provide a constructive and supportive space to offer & receive feedback on our microbiome research.

Seminars aren’t recorded (to encourage presentations on new work), and most of the audience are members of the academic/clinical microbiome community in the greater Seattle area and its alumni.


SIMR Seminars are 1-hour virtual seminars approximately every other Wednesday afternoon starting at 3:30 PM, each with 1-2 presenters. Talks are ~20 minutes, with ~10 minutes of questions and discussion. Typically, presentations are work-in-progress research talks; in addition, this year we are seeking some presentations that focus on computational or experimental methods that may be of interest to this audience in solving problems in the microbiome field. We will also have guest moderators for each SIMR session, so if there is someone in the community from whom you would love to receive feedback on your talk, please let us know, and we’ll try to coordinate a date that works for all parties. We recognize that these are quite short talks, but this fits with our theme of being informal and allows us more space for more presenters, and more time for audience questions.

Check out the upcoming schedule here!

Contact us

As of February 1, 2023, we have a new permanent Director of the UW Microbiome Center, Joseph Mougous (mougous@uw.edu)! Please reach out if you would like to get involved with SIMR.

Past schedule

Former SIMR Seminars have included talks from

  • Nov 3 2021: Nick Bohmann and David Clausen
  • Nov 17 2021: Sam Minot and Sean Koester
  • Dec 15 2021: Christian Diener and Abigail Schindler
  • Jan 12 2022: Evan Pepper
  • Jan 26 2022: Matt Ciorba and Tomasz Wilmanski
  • Feb 2 2022: Muyiwa Awoniyi (co-hosted with the UW Division of Gastroenterology)
  • Feb 9 2022: Jonathan Golob and Christian Jobin
  • Feb 23 2022: Nicole Maloney Belle (co-hosted with the UW Division of Gastroenterology)
  • March 23 2022: Karolline May and Lauren Rajakovich
  • April 6 2022: Kelsey Jesser and Erica Fuhrmeister
  • April 20 2022: Norma Morella and Kendra Kamp
  • May 4 2022: Purna C Kashyap and Smritee Dabee
  • May 18 2022: Bryan Brown and Ana Weil
  • June 1 2022: Donald Nyangahu

Credit to Amy Willis for her brilliant conception of the acronym SIMR and for creating this website!